At Jaclyn J. Park, D.D.S., We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

  • "I have been going to Dr. Park for about 10 years, with the exception of a short time when I lived in Texas and one dental emergency right after Hurricane Sandy (She was even willing to take me, but I live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and couldn't make it to Midtown Manhattan right after).

    Dr. Park is the only Dentist that I have gone to that is competent and caring enough to do everything herself; she wants to make sure her patients receive top notch results that only a Dr. can provide. A cleaning from her is WAY better than a cleaning from a dental hygienist (she has a dental hygienist, but does the cleanings herself because she is a perfectionist). Afterward, my teeth always look amazingly white - almost as if I paid to have them bleached. It is refreshing to have a dentist that doesn't avoid doing cleanings and real check ups, beyond an x-ray (she will check for problems and cavities during cleaning as well).
    Anika S.
  • "(continued)
    Super modern office with state of the art equipment. They will work with your insurance and make sure that procedures are covered. Also, Dr. Park is VERY HONEST and will NOT tell you that you need dental work that you don't need, as many other dentists do. She is also talented/well-skilled; if you do need bonding or if you have a cavity, she does do a great job - it will look very natural afterword. She is so good that they asked her to instruct at NYU - She teaches students at the dental school how to perform procedures properly. Dr. Park is also very kind and very professional whenever I come in. If you have the opportunity to use her, take it! You will not be disappointed."
    Anika S.
  • "My family and I started going to Dr. Park at the end of 2017. Dr. Park and her staff are very professional and talented. My wife and I also have started the Invisalign treatment through Dr. Park and we are very happy with the results. If you are in need of dental care or would like to look into the Invisalign process I could not recommend Dr. Park any higher."
    -Jim McGrann
  • "I have problem teeth and have been to quite a few dentists over the years. Dr. Park is definitely the best I've been to, so I've been her patient for like 5 years now and have recommended her to other people in my office.
    I don't dread going to see Dr. Park, unlike some other dentists I've seen. Very little pain in her chair even after multiple fillings, root canals, etc.--she's good at communicating and has some empathy and I think what must be just good technique or something. When it might be about to hurt she tells you, and you can let her know when to ease up. She is also very helpful with the payment side of things, willing to let you know in advance what it will all cost and explain the insurance and all that stuff. Her hygienist Teresa is super friendly and they have a good vibe together.
    Big recommendation"
    -Matt Parr

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